Marketing More with Less

Drive marketing campaigns without additional investments

Develop SMB Digital Marketing campaigns without additional investment, leveraging the available Co-Op funds and Go-To-Market tools.

“Marketing More with Less” is the motto. Here is how it works in 3 tools/steps:

Digital Tool & Content

Digital Marketing Content OnDemand works as a personal digital marketing assistant and delivers fresh, relevant and customized content and share on social, email, website, or blog.

It runs 3-to-12-week digital campaigns that include to-customer content and to-partner resources. This includes an interactive dashboard that will allow partners to track both campaign performance and leads generated in real time and to schedule campaigns in advance.

Partners can easily log in to DMC and start running their campaigns (30 min set up if chose automatic mode). Available to all Microsoft Partners

DMC Resources:

  • Sign into DMC and start sharing campaign content directly to their social accounts, email lists, and blogs
  • Demo | Get a comprehensive look at the DMC program offering and platform functionality
  • Campaign management | View the full list of campaigns or use filters to quickly find the sales play

X & Up-Sell to Current Customers

Cloud Ascent is Microsoft data engine that provides customer propensity reports in Partner Center. These reports provide partners with the ability to grow their business by targeting their existing SMB customer base. Cloud Ascent highlights additional workloads that these SMB customers have a propensity to respond to for upsell. These reports cover SMB solution plays and contain all the information needed to target effectively and drive pipeline.

Partners to use Cloud Ascent reports to generate lists of targeted SMB customers. Partner can filter by solution play and level of customer maturity.

Partners need to use their contactable database for the target list (GDPR compliant) and uploaded in the DMC tool as part of one campaign and email-marketing will be sent automatically.

Cloud Ascent Resources:

Acquire New Customers

The Partner Incentives Cooperative Marketing Fund (Co-op) provides reimbursements of earned funds to participating partners to help differentiate and build channel awareness and preference for Microsoft products. Co-op is a critical investment for Microsoft in driving key business priorities with partners.

Eligible Activities for Co-Ops: Demand Generation; Market Development; Partner Readiness.

Partners can work with agencies leveraging DMC campaigns and claim Co-Ops.

Suggested activities:

  • Localize DMC content if local language is not available
  • Develop Partner own content as complement of DMC content
  • Drive Paid media and Social boosting campaigns with DMC content, going beyond own databases, acquiring new customers
  • Agency to drive all DMC activities for the Partner

Even if you don’t have Co-Ops Funds or a big Customer base, DMC can be a powerful tool for you to generate pipeline and develop your Microsoft Business.

Accept our challenge, let’s “Marketing more with less”!